Welcome to Sunday Mornings Shop! Take a seat, grab a bite to eat and stitch your way through your current Netflix binge!

Ready to treat yourself to some stitching + self care? From relaxing DIY embroidery kits to our Oh Stitch! Goodies, you are bound to have a happy mail-day come your way!

Crystal Peralta-Martinez, Sunday Mornings Shop

New Crafts!

"Just wanted to say how awesome SundayMorningShops was. Friendly, timely and helpful. I’ve gone through the kit and everything looks nice and put together, good instructions. I can’t wait to get started on it."

LeAnne - West Palm Beach, Florida

Oh Stitch! Brass Pins

"Lovely! I’m impressed with the packaging and directions. I’m a beginner so I needed something fairly easy— this looks easy and beautiful!"

Victoria - Smarr, Georgia


What's the Stitch?


What started as a stress-relief hobby in 2016 has blossomed (and taken many twists and turns along the way) into Sunday Mornings Shop. When life gets hectic and you just need a break to wind down and focus your mind on one task, I turn to embroidery to relax my mind.

Mental health is a major topic of discussion these days - as it should be. We all have our battles, we all have a past but better yet - we all have a future! I would love for you to join me on this mindful journey and create something beautiful from it. Embroidery lends a hand to our eyes to create art that can be cherished for generations to come!

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