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The Brand

Sunday Mornings Shop was created from our passion of hand embroidery and the desire to share it with others. Our natural surroundings serve as an inspirational beacon to our brand. What once started as a stress-relief hobby in 2016 during Crystal's sophomore year of college has now become a full-time business endeavor. 

Who knew that the first piece of embroidery she stitched would bring them here. Had it not been for Eric's encouragement to list that first hoop on Etsy they would never have begun sharing the art of embroidery through classes taught across the US and now in kit form across the globe!


The Hands behind the scenes

Crystal - The Creative Wizard

During the work week I get to utilize my passion for plants and landscape in my role as a Landscape Architect in Scottsdale, Arizona. Crafts and DIY projects have always been a stress relief outlet for me so having something like embroidery to come home and decompress with is awesome! Knowing that my products provide the same outlet to others motivates me to continue putting my heart into this shop.


Eric - Business Operations

I have been in the e-commerce field since my first college internship in 2014. Helping Crystal grow this shop and running the day to day operations has been an awesome journey for the both of us! This small business is truly run by a husband and wife duo, paired alongside our furry-family of pups who keep the operations running smoothly.

Meet The Studio Pups



The true matriarch of the family. She can do no wrong and prefers to nap alongside her favorite toys. This business has definitely allowed us to spoil her with more toys than she can keep track of.



She's the Princess and she knows it. Prefers to nap directly on piles of thread and definitely lets you know when you're disturbing her slumber.



Keeps us awake when we are running low on energy with his bursts of zoomies and quick kisses! Will gladly accept all work breaks as play time.

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