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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our products or services? Take a look at our FAQ section below to see if we might have already answered it. If you still need something answered, just get in touch and we’ll help as much as we can.

What is in an embroidery kit?

Each of our standard embroidery kits come with the necessary materials to complete your desired design. You may upgrade your kit to include a pair of thread snips for an additional fee. The standard embroidery kits include the following materials: Embroidery hoop, muslin fabric, size #5 embroidery needle, DMC embroidery floss, printed embroidery template, written instructions and stitch guide.

What is the difference between cross stitch and embroidery?

Cross stitch achieves its design by using thread in an 'x' pattern to complete the design. Embroidery on the other hand, allows you to creatively combine a variation of stitches to complete a pattern and achieve a textured (or flat, depending on the stitches used) design.

Can you teach yourself embroidery?

With an embroidery kit and patience, you can definitely teach yourself embroidery! We are always available to answer any questions you have along the way as you stitch.

What do I need for hand embroidery?

Aside from patience, you'll need to acquire the basics in order to start on your first hand embroidery venture. Tight woven fabric, an embroidery hoop, a needle and thread are your go-to basics!

What fabric do you use for embroidery?

I highly recommend a tight woven fabric for embroidery. We use muslin in all of our kits as it has become my personal favorite to stitch on.

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