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Unveiling the Royal Collection: Queen of Hearts - A Must-Have for Needlework Enthusiasts

If you haven't heard, The Queen has arrived 👑 to Sunday Mornings Shop!

Our first embroidery kit design of 2024 is officially available online! I can’t wait to see your renditions of this one ✨

Wishing you a dreamy day full of calming embroidery projects 🥹🪡

Thinking I may need to do a full suite of these pink playing cards 🎀


I absolutely adore this design, so much so that I decided to launch a BRAND NEW product offering.. Needle minders! These handy little tools work as a magnet that attach to both sides of your fabric to hold your needle in between stitch sessions.


The Queen of Hearts embroidery kit is intended for intermediate embroidery enthusiasts - but have no fear, a beginner with patience can complete this one too!

So, what are your thought - would you stitch the Queen?

  • Yes, yes - Immediately yes

  • I am unfit for the queen's labor


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